Shakey Andy

Note to reader. The title of this blog is in reference to the moving Non-fungible token I minted that this image of Andy Warhol is derived from.

August 6 was Andy Warhol’s bornday so I glitched his likeness. A polarizing figure in most discussions, love him or hate him; he was influential.

A few years back I went to view choice pieces of his collection at Whitney. His work took over a couple levels and a small room on the ground floor. I was moved by the huge silkscreen prints. Being a man of the screen myself, the work touched me, understanding the pull of ink across a screen, the attention and intention as well as energy it takes fabricating even small sized prints. I imagined pulling a gigantic squeegee across a humongous one on the floor. I felt it. Even if he didn’t lay a hand on it and one of his assistants did the dirty work at the factory. He directed.

When you share a discipline with an artist your experience viewing work may be intense. You are not just witnessing with admiration, confusion or even disgust. Your perspective, unlike a would be Monday morning quarterback of an art critic or casual viewer is different. You have an understanding of the mechanics of process. You can even place yourself in the artist’s shoes because you’ve used those same tools and likely made many of the same moves.

There was a point while viewing a series of prints increasing in contrast, growing darker and thicker until they were somewhat muddled, I was reminded of photography. Screening an image is similar to developing a photo. When you over or under flood a screen or do too few or too many passes, expect it to be reflected in the print.

Dark rooms are laboratories where photographers (who develop their own photos) attempt to master reinterpreting the images they before captured, to lay in print.

Andy was a special human. He did wtf he wanted to do. He moved on to new things when he was ready. We’re very similar in that way.


You can view the moving work on

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